The Student Social for Living Worldstook place on 11th June 2011- the first one at Manchester Museum!

Here’s a breakdown of all the activities that took place:

Manchester School of Samba played outside the museum in the grounds by the allotment.

MadLab Project-A-Sketch workshop
Madlab/Hacman brought their Project-a-Sketch and students could use it to draw reptiles and amphibians that could be found in the museum’s  vivarium.

BA Design for Digital media project (Janine Cheek) centred on a marketing campaign for ‘Living Worlds‘, targeted at students was profiled.

Origami workshops: Students from University of Salford showed students how to make origami animals/birds/reptiles.

6-9pmVisitor Services staff showed students the new Living Worlds App and how to use it in the gallery spaces.

Keyring making station :workshop using recycled materials and text to make keyrings.

6:30- 8pm

Vivarium tours: Zoology students gave tours of the vivarium.

Curator of Amphibians, Andrew Gray and Vivarium Assistant, Adam Bland hosted handling tables with a snake, geckos and leaf frogs.

Opera student group performed for the first time as a collective at Student Social, using the natural acoustics of the space.

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