A biodiverse allotment party with live music and workshops celebrated Manchester Museum’s new allotment.

Gramophone swing music and Lindy Hopping and Charleston dancing.

Museology students from University of Salford led workshops and informal discussions to engage students around issues around biodiversity and sustainability.

RNCM Opera students performed on the allotment and in the museum’s grounds using and embracing the natural acoustics.

2:15- 2:45pm
The School of Samba performed in the grounds by the allotment; Samba drums, Samba brass and Samba dancing! Using the natural acoustics, acoustic instruments to create a celebratory, carnival atmosphere.

Gramophone swing music and Lindy Hopping and Charleston dancing. Charleston solo by Keith McGee from ‘Feets of Amazement’!http://www.feetsofamazement.com/keith-mcgee!

Alexandra Arts artist Lotte Karlsen led a workshop that directly links the ideas and messages that emerge from Living Worlds to the allotment. Drawings/writing will be produced during the workshop after reflecting upon Living Worlds, biodiversity, sustainability and these will then be wrapped around plastic water bottles that will be used to water the plants in the allotment; imbued with the positive energy. This is a poetic gesture and is an active, dynamic response to showing how people can positively impact upon nature.


“We want humanity to realise that healthy relationships between people and landscapes are as important in the city as anywhere else.”
-Lotte Karlesen

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