I’ve been working as Student Engagement Coordinator at Whitworth Art Gallery since the beginning of 2010 and towards the end of last year started to work with Manchester Museum. I was enthused to find out that Andrew Gray, Curator of Frogs, (this title in itself is brilliant, as I am familiar with Curators or Historic Fine Art, Modern Art, Textiles and Wallpaper, but frogs was a first!!) was part of the Engagement team at Manchester Museum. Since meeting him and being introduced to the exquisite and fascinating amphibians and reptiles in the vivarium at the museum, I make regular trips (even when I’m not working there!) to the vivarium for my daily/weekly dosage of wonderment and enchantment! I have become fascinated by chameleons, especially the way that they change colour according to their mood- it is something that I have subconsciously started to do with the clothes I choose to wear!! For more wonderment, check out Andrew Gray’s Frog Blog.

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