Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum will be at the University of Manchester’s ‘Start of Year Fair‘ on 20th and 21st September at University Place (see  ‘B’ on map: http://bit.ly/nawkWE). Find out what’s happening and how you can get involved with the student programme. More updates coming soon! Here’s a taster of some of the student-led events and some students’ and tutors’ musings!:

“The friendly and fun atmosphere we created on the night of the Student Social helped to open people up to engage more deeply and publicly with the exhibition through conversation, interaction and participation.”

Rhian Sutcliffe, BA Fine Art, University of Salford

“The Student Social has certainly caused a buzz at University of Salford! The Student Social has encouraged cross-institutional engagement and interaction. It is initiatives such as the Student Social that ensure collaboration and good quality networking can impact positively on the student experience and help prepare the next generation for their professional and vocational destination.  Most importantly, such a lot of the initiative has been passed to the students involved and they have been able to claim significant ownership of both the process and outcome.”

Paul Haywood, Associate Head (Enterprise) School of Art and Design, University of Salford

“Working at the Whitworth Art Gallery on the Student Social event has been exciting and insightful. I realised that I wanted to work with a gallery or museum space for my final major project, organising events or exhibitions and designing promotional materials.”

Saranjit Bansal, BA Design for Digital Media, University of Salford (Now studying MA Arts and Museum Management, University of Salford)

“The Student Social has provided validation for a more extended philosophy and content agenda for Design for Digital Media. The course wants to develop paths and directions with both interaction and motion at it’s core, and look for areas where ‘interactive design’ can be implemented via usability demand and user enhanced experiences. Where better than museum and gallery spaces, where digital exploration becomes a format of user discovery and audience enhancement; real digital challenges in meeting the balance between entertainment and information.”

Mark Scargill, Course Leader Ba Design for Digital Media, University of Salford.

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