To celebrate the opening of Living Worlds gallery, Manchester Museum have teamed up with Artist group Ultimate Holding Company to present ‘we are extInked’ – an exhibition documenting the story of the unique arts and ecology project extInked from its inception in 2009, to the current work of the 100 ambassadors.

In the year that the world celebrated Charles Darwin’s bicentennial birthday, Manchester based artists Ultimate Holding Company embarked on a once in a lifetime artist led social experiment. ExtInked is in partnership with The Marine Conservation Society, Buglife (The Invertebrate Conservation Trust) and The People’s Trust for Endangered Species, Anatomy Projects and made possible through the financial support of MIRIAD.

One hundred drawings of endangered British species, created by artist Jai Redman, were permanently tattooed onto volunteers in a continuous three-day public event. The result of this unique performance was an army of ambassadors for threatened and rare birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, plants and fungi from around the UK. All of the 100 tattooed volunteers had a unique and life changing encounter with contemporary art and ecology, each adopted the role of ‘ambassador’ for their species, raising money and awareness for the conservation partners and promoting education about changing ecologies and species loss.

To find out more please visit the We are extInked website or the extInked blog.

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