I’m looking to work with a group of students to co-curate the Student Social for Ancient Worlds. This will involve you programming the event with a budget of £500; all in response to Ancient Worlds: what music do you want to be played? Which band/s? Do you want DJs? Do you want workshops during the event? Will there be some free drinks? It’s a platform for you to put your ideas into practice, through collaborating and responding to Ancient Worlds. You will also be involved in actively marketing the event to students as well. Some of the budget may be spent on flyers or a promotional video, for example. Here’s the basic event information:

Ancient Worlds Student Social 
Friday 7th December, 6:30-9pm, Free, All students welcome

The Student Social is a student-curated programme of exhibition premieres.

Come to a student- curated social event in the new Ancient Worlds gallery with live music, workshops, archeological wonders and more!

What is the Student Social?

The Student Social is a student-curated programme of exhibition premieres, which acts as a platform for student talent, creativity and participation. The Student Social also provides a platform for students from different disciplines and universities to chat and network with each other, engage with the exhibitions, and participate in quirky social activities. Here are a couple of videos documenting the Student Social:

Student Social for Walls are Talking at Whitworth Art Gallery

Student Social for COTTON: Global Threads

Ancient Worlds at Manchester Museum

To mark the centenary of the first Egypt gallery to be opened at the Museum, you can now experience Ancient Worlds. A free exhibition of three new galleries, this extensive and diverse collection of archaeological finds explores the history of Manchester and the region, as well as ancient civilisations such as Greece, Rome & Egypt.

Ancient Worlds showcases the best of Manchester Museum’s outstanding archaeology collections as well as revealing the people behind the objects: who made them, who used them, who lost and re-discovered them, who collected, classified and interpreted them.


If you are interested in becoming a Student Social co-curator, please:

* email naomi.kashiwagi@manchester.ac.uk and express your interest in this opportunity and briefly explain why you would value this particular opportunity (approx 100 words)
* confirm that you will be able to attend the first introductory meeting on Wednesday 21st November, 3pm at Manchester Museum– meet at reception

Deadline: Monday 19th November

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