Role: Student Social Curators 

Event: WOW (Wonders of Whitworth) Student Social, Friday 7th June, 7:30-10:30pm

Would you like to co-curate a Student Social at Whitworth Art Gallery to celebrate the Whitworth Art Gallery’s past, present and future; from 1958, when it became part of University of Manchester to Summer 2014, when the gallery reopens as a revitalised 21st century gallery in a park? I am looking to work with 10 students on this project.

There will be two strands to the project that will take place between May and June 2013:

• Research and Development

• Planning, Programming and the Student Social event

Research and Development

Researching and collecting stories in relation to what the Whitworth Art Gallery and Whitworth Park have meant to students over the years and how they both can continue to enrich the student life in a new and exciting Whitworth Art Gallery when the gallery reopens in Summer 2014 (The gallery will temporarily close between the beginning of September 2013 and end of May 2014. At the Whitworth Art Gallery, the first phase of the Capital Project is currently underway and contractors are getting started on the new extension, designed by leading architects MUMA. This £12 million development will open up a staggering 396m2 of new gallery space and doubling the artwork on display, whilst creating a beautiful and inspiring environment).

MUMA Architecture Plans for Whitworth Art Gallery Capital Development Project

In terms of research, there will be more of a focus on the Whitworth’s historicity since it became part of the University of Manchester in 1958 (until the present day, looking at the different eras of the Whitworth Art Gallery and what the student experience looked like). This will include researching into and contacting University of Manchester alumni, (1958 to present day). It will also include prospective students and also secondary and post-16 students that currently come to the gallery, to hear their future ambitions for what they would like the student experience at the Whitworth Art Gallery and University of Manchester to look like, as potential future students.

Planning and Programming the Student Social

As a creative and engaging platform to animate this research the students will coordinate and programme a late night event for students at the Whitworth Art Gallery on 7th June 2013, 7:30-10:30pm, to celebrate and showcase the past, present and future of the Whitworth Art Gallery and Whitworth Park from students’ perspectives.

Students will have the opportunity to mark this exciting transitional stage of this university art gallery, the Whitworth Art Gallery, by celebrating its past, present and future.

The students will programme/commission the music that is played (bands/djs), workshops, a tour of the gallery, all in response to the theme; the past, present and future Whitworth Art Gallery.

Time commitment: Meet on 8th May at Whitworth Art Gallery and meet every week (Wednesday afternoon) leading up to the event for approx one hour. On 7th June, students will need to be at the gallery from 5pm to set up the event. Outside of these meetings, idea generation, research and project coordination will be done via email/Facebook Group

Background Information: The Student Social

The Student Social is part of the Whitworth Art Gallery’s student-led programme and has run since 2010.

The Student Social is a student-curated programme of exhibition premieres, which acts as a platform for student talent, creativity and participation.

The Student Social provides a platform for students from different disciplines and universities to chat and network, engage with the exhibitions, socialise, take part in quirky social activities and participate in the cultural life of the city/the Whitworth Art Gallery.

This opportunity will enable students to gain professional insight and experience into working with and in a gallery, learning through process and collaboration and contribute to the student experience at Whitworth Art Gallery and therefore impacting upon the student experience at University of Manchester.

COTTON: Global Threads Student Social

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please email: with the following information by Tuesday 30th April, 5pm:

* What course you are studying.

* Why you would value this opportunity (100 words max)

* That you will be able to attend the first meeting on Wednesday 8th May, 2pm at Whitworth Art Gallery (meeting will be about 1 hour).

I look forward to hearing from you.


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